• "CAD drawing office standards: Setup and all round help and advice"
  • "AutoCAD training: On-site and tailored to your company"

On-site and Tailored AutoCAD Training Services

All work is carried out on-site in your office using your computers which will allow you to "hit the ground running" as far as using the software is concerned. This is because there are numerous settings, options and system variables that we setup on your PC or laptops as part of the training that are vital to the smooth and efficient use of the software.

Based in Northampton and working on-site throughout the UK with companies that use AutoCAD, all services are tailored to your company, industry sector and the way that you work.

Help is given to beginners starting out, existing users wanting to refresh their skills or learn more advanced features and CAD Managers responsible for setting up CAD systems and maintaining in-house Cad standards and good working practices.

These services are offered to users of full blown AutoCAD or the cut down, "lighter" AutoCAD LT program. This all comes with a promise of a competitive rate and a flexible approach to any service provided.

AutoCAD training

Simon Oliver: Autodesk Certified Instructor

Established in an independent capacity in 1992 with over 31 years' experience.

Telephone: 01604 589114.

E-mail: simon@cadtrainingcourses.co.uk